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Head and Shoulders Helmet Hijack

MEDIACOM, Ho Chi Minh City / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2018


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To drive education among the dandruff deniers, we needed to find a disruptive platform that can show them the reality of dandruff clearly and also provide a platform for driving H&S trial.

Vietnam is a land of motorcycles – there are 45 million motorcycles in the country! The entire country rides on motorbike – for transportation, for selling food, for an afternoon nap or as a dating venue. If there are bikes, then there are helmets. And helmets with hot and humid climate means dandruff – as proven by the increase in sales of AD shampoo in summer by 105 index. Hence, the idea was to hijack motorbike helmets in a mass scale, show the dandruff deniers their dandruff problems and drive H&S trial through them - all in one consumer journey


The campaign was executed with the consumers calling for a GrabBike ride through the Grab app. When the biker arrived, he provided the rider with the usual Grab helmet but with a twist. Inside the helmet we put a black H&S branded filter that would provide the users with a test to check their dandruff. After the ride, the users could see that they do have dandruff by checking the helmet filter – thus showing the dandruff deniers that they need anti-dandruff solution. And to get them try out H&S immediately, the users got a message from Grab sending them a promo code which they could redeem in Lazada – the biggest e-commerce site in Vietnam – and get great discounts on the product. The bikes also had a LED display on the back of them that drove awareness for H&S in massive scale.


The H&S Helmet Hijack campaign successfully delivered on the objective of driving a behavioral shift in the Vietnamese consumers and then push H&S as the most effective anti-dandruff solution:

• The LED display on the bikes travelled for 450,000 Km driving awareness and reach among 3,000,000 people.

• There were 90,000 riders who tried out the H&S filter and got the promo code from Grab.

• We saw an index of 140 in trials versus previous period of same duration.

• +14% jump in sales compared to the previous period

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