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DOOM & DICKSON, Amsterdam / HEMA / 2013

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How do you introduce a new mega push-up bra that adds two sizes, which, as a product, isn’t a novelty in the market? Especially during a month like December – with sales peaks around the Dutch Sinterklaas feast and Christmas - leading brands including Hunkemöller and Victoria’s Secret dominate the advertising fields with their own take on ‘The Push-up Bra’.

Without acknowledging the conventional codes of lingerie advertising, we decided to do something that had never been done before in lingerie advertising: we had a man wear the push-up bra. We asked male model Andrej Pejic - who is internationally known for his androgynous looks - to model the bra. Andrej demonstrated the effect of the bra in three different images that where featured in an outdoor campaign throughout the Netherlands. A bold idea to create huge broadcast impact and simple enough to be ignited and shared in the media.

Thanks to the ‘Push-Up’ his flat chest acquired a beautiful, seductive cleavage, we decided to ignite HEMA's campaign promise: 'If a man can look that way, imagine what it can do for a woman!' in the media. The concept truly inspired people who are not regular customers.

The HEMA mega push-up bra campaign exceeded our expectations. The success can be attributed to communication, PR and aroused curiosity of people across the Netherlands and the world. Within one day the two most popular bra sizes were sold out at HEMA's online store. Three days later, all sizes were sold out.

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