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Her America / Ford

A+E NETWORKS, New York / FORD / 2018

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As part of Lifetime’s Her America: 50 Women, 50 States digital and linear content series, Ford partnered with the entertainment brand to tell the unique stories of amazing women within the company and within Ford’s Warriors in Pink Breast Cancer Initiative. The series showcased boundary breaking women and the struggles that they have overcome. Giving a deeply personal insight into their experiences, the series told relatable stories that helped define what it means to be a “real” woman in 2018. The three women featured included Jessica Robinson, a Ford Executive, Dr. Reates Curry, an african american woman working in a typically male dominated field, and Lauren Hufnal, a Ford Model of Courage suffering from metastatic breast cancer.


Over the course of 3 quarters, Ford and Lifetime created 3 custom pieces, each with 4 different unique executions telling a different piece of each woman’s story. These 4 pieces were released over a month, with each execution premiering on air and on LIFETIME digital and social channels each week.


While metrics are still being collected, each Ford piece aligned seamlessly with the Her America project- resulting in a very successful and unique partnership.

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