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Our situation is that over the last two years, on International Women’s Day, Hershey’s gave visibility to invisible female talents through its global campaign called “HerShe”.

So, our briefing was: how can we continue to shine a spotlight on the work of talented women and still go one step further, turning this encouragement into opportunities in a pandemic year in which many women lost their jobs?

Our objectives were very clear: to continue supporting women's talent, to show the importance of sisterhood as an important tool for women to continue growing in their areas, to turn the visibility of last year's campaigns into effective opportunities and to strengthen Hershey's commitment to the women's cause, now, in a global campaign.


We created a movement like a sorority chain: we brought the concept ‘Her for She” to turn a campaign into a global female movement to support women’s talent. Through an interactive music video we not only told the story of women from several areas, but we also promoted their work. With a single click on objects throughout the film, it was possible to buy their products or learn more about her projects.

Our iconic chocolate bar remained as a platform to support them. We invited 6 creative women to create 6 packs of Hershey’s, inspired by how they see sorority in science, arts, sport, entrepreneurship, music and activism. When you pointed your smartphone to those packages, people saw the video clip and the story of other notary, but invisible, woman from that specific area.

The talent of creative women gave opportunities for many other women.


We invited a woman who fights for a very important cause in Brazil: Katu Mirim, an indigenous rapper who defends her land, to write and sing an original song that represents sisterhood for her. And then we invited women from other areas like science, entrepreneurship, art, sports, and activism to act in a clip full of symbolism about the union between women. Those who watched the clip could click on the objects that appeared during the video to buy and learn more about each woman's projects.

The strategy was completed with Hershey's packaging, which was also made by women artists and came with a QR Code that took people to learn more about the story of these women and watch the video clip.

Like a sisterhood chain, the talent of one woman gave opportunities for other women to evolve together.


For the implementation, we created for International Women's Day, an interactive video clip where people could click on the objects during the video and buy from them or learn more about their project. The original song for the campaign was written by the indigenous rapper Katu Mirim and its theme was sisterhood, a word that represents mutual support among women.

The campaign's Timeline started on 02/25 (to avoid disappearing in the middle of other brands' campaigns on Women's Day) until 04/08.

Our Placement consisted of insertions on Youtube, Instagram, our Website, merchandising on the biggest channel in Brazil, Globo, and on the biggest supermarkets in country with our packages, made by female artists.

Our Scale was more than 2 million views on the video clip, more than 600 thousand views on the testimonials of the talented women who participated in the campaign and more than 1 billion impressions.


In one month, we had over 2 million views on our interactive video clip, over 600,000 views on the testimonials where talented women from all over the world told their stories, over 2 billion impressions, over 30% organic growth on the social networks of the women who participated in the project and 25% increase in sales of their products. In addition, more than 620.000 exclusive packages of the project were sold on our website and in supermarkets throughout the country. And it wasn't only in Brazil. Her For She was so successful that it became a global campaign, which was exported to 7 countries around the world.

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