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Vodafone has been working for years to strengthen its bond with the gaming world. In 2022, the company renewed its partnership with Lucca Comics & Games, an event that turns the city of Lucca into a gathering point for gamers from all over Italy. This is a unique opportunity for the brand to connect people to their greatest passion, and

physically demonstrating its stable and unstoppable connection. But how to make Vodafone presence memorable for the target, and how to reach all the gamers who are staying at home?


Our idea was to transform the Italian city of Lucca, the capital of Italian gaming, into a playable Fortnite map: Home of the Unstoppable. The map was launched in occasion of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 at Vodafone booth. Here people found gaming stations where to try it, had the chance to meet Pow3r and play with him. Even people at home had the same possibility to join the game and virtually meet Pow3r since live streams were broadcasted once a day, for the 5-day event.

The creative insight of identify Lucca as the symbol city for gamers living in Italy make it possible for Vodafone to leverage on it to connect people in a single virtual place, to give them a chance to connect with their passion and in the end to make it clear its link with gaming world.


Our target is passionate about gaming and everything that gravitates around this world. Lucca Comics & Games event is the most important one for gamers living in Italy: an occasion to meet up, try new games and meet their gaming idols in person.

In order to talk to the community, getting closer to gamers, we created a unique live experience and involved one of the most popular and beloved Italian pro gamer and streamer: Pow3r.


In 5 days of the event:

• Impact: 200M

• Reach: 1.3M

• Engagement: 53.7K

• Brand perception: +120% positive sentiment online

• 150K+ players

• 40H+ of playing

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