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Honest Mornings

DEUTSCH LA, Los Angeles / TACO BELL / 2017

MP3 Original Language
MP3 Original Language






A singer narrates a story about a modern American morning in the form of a comedic jingle.

The story is about mother strolling out of bed in the morning, stepping on a child’s toy and accidentally saying a “bad word” in front of her baby son. Upon hearing a new word, her son excitedly repeats the “bad word” causing the mother to panic. She fears the foul word she in inadvertently just taught her son could one day lead her son to becoming a criminal. She envisions her baby in jail as her son warns her not to tell on him (“don’t be snitching”). Just then, the sun shines on the mother’s face causing her to turn and smile as she gazes upon an angelic-looking Taco Bell – an escape from her rough morning.

The singer reinforces to the audience that whenever their morning feels like “hell” they can go to