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PUBLICIS BOLD, Istanbul / D&R / 2011

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The challenge: - To differentiate promotion offers and connect with younger audienceThe objective: - To inspire digital natives to come to D&R store to buy a horror movie rather than download through InternetThe Strategy:- To create a social campaign around the D&R promotional offer and use social media to connect, persuade and invite digital natives into conversation The outcome -559% increase in sales (quantity) -291% increase in revenue -Phantom of D&R hype -Inspired clients -Unforgettable experience


It all began with a viral film. Another viral followed. And then print ads in youth magazines and sunday papers cinema reviews. The films became so popular the client decided to air them on TV. The mailings and newsletters talked about the ghost who was born in the 1800's. The hype built on the digital media. The facebook account and the twitter messages created the conversation. The conversation started to revolve around horror items sold in the store. People started to ask if a certain cult movie could be found in the store or would ask for advise to the Phantom of D&R. Some would send him love letters some would want to meet him in person. And so we created a live event which was not in the original plan. The campaign was planned to be on air for a month in order to create the live event we had to extend the campaign into 44 days.


The campaign resulted in commercial success as well as the buzz and affinity it created among the younger audience.-559% increase in sales (quantity) -291% increase in revenue -It also worked as an internal communication campaign.

-D&R employees named the Phantom of D&R as a colleague and was proud of his earned fame.-The vendors also started to post their information on his wall.

-It has also been a new win win situation for D&R Category managers.

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