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House of Salon E! Masterclass: The First-Ever Popup Shop


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While nationally, TRESemme was seeing a decline in their market growth over the past five years, the brand was able to identify e-Commerce and Beauty as one of their biggest opportunities with TRESemme’s rapid growth on Pureplay platforms such as Shopee and Lazada, and becoming the #1 hair brand in eCommerce. To take this a step further, TRESemme introduced its “House of Salon” campaign through digital lookbook executions, that encapsulated the expertise of TRESemme and linked to an online content-to-cart execution within the Twitter platform in partnership with E! Entertainment. TRESemme aims to retain its pioneer status not just in product innovations, but also online, effectively unlocking the first-ever launch of “Sponsored Pop-Up” globally on Twitter and solidifying its e-commerce footprint in emerging channels.


TRESemme seeks to encourage women to explore different hairstyles delivered right to their doorstep. You can trim, color, cut, and style however you want and get a salon expertise finish from the comfort of your home with the distinct variants that TRESemme has. To emerge as the ultimate trendsetter and leader in the hair care category, TRESemme anchored the campaign on maximizing its e-commerce footprint with a platform that specializes in trend-spotting. Twitter was utilized to discover and engage with consumers through branded Masterclass content curated by leading E! Entertainment that immediately linked to a seamless shoppable experience that has never been done in the market before. As TRESemmé, TRES-setters, and salon experts all come together as a formidable powerhouse that shows how women can slay any and all looks, TRESemme solidifies itself as an efficient aid for hair care and a woman’s reliable partner in gaining self-confidence.


TRESemme was designed for trendsetters and Filipinas looking for advanced hair solutions for their salon-level needs. As a brand innovating with the latest hair trends, being present in the digital space is a must. To emerge as the ultimate trendsetter and leader in the hair care category, TRESemme anchored the campaign on maximizing its ecommerce footprint on a platform that specializes on trend-spotting. Considering the number of hair conversations on the platform, Twitter presents an opportunity, and partnering with them matches the brand proposition of TRESemme as the ultimate hair trendsetter. utilizing the platform to discover and engage with consumers through branded Masterclass content curated by E! Entertainment, directly linking to a NEW innovative Sponsored Popup Shop to drive conversions and raise awareness. This led to a seamless shoppable experience from content to cart, marking the first of its kind in the platform globally.


TRESemme teamed up with Twitter to launch the first-ever "Sponsored Pop-Up" (globally) that ran from Aug-Sept 2022, which emulated a Twitter-style "digital lookbook" while being able to drive sales and engagements through the new in-platform shop tab as part of Twitter’s new feature under Sponsored Moments. Taking the form of masterclass-style videos, TRESemme also partnered with E! Entertainment to create video content specifically made in Twitter-friendly ad formats such as Carousel Video and Image Ads with website buttons. To drive more traffic, TRESemme was the first in PH to activate Site Visit Optimizations for lower funnel objective. As part of the teasing phase, Trend and Timeline Takeovers were launched on June 7, 2022, to coincide with the mid-year sales in e-commerce and create hype for the sponsored popups. The main videos were curated featuring the brand’s 3 ambassador x salon expert tandems that represented the different collections of TRESemme.


The campaign achieved its targets across all metrics:

- Reached over 153M+ impressions, boasting a total of over 56k cost-efficient site visits at under $1.00 per visit, showing positive full funnel brand lifts among viewers

- Outsized lift among video viewers includes +13% ad recall, +6.7% brand awareness, and +6.9% purchase intent

The accompanying Twitter takeover included:

- 12.87M impressions

- 754k video views

- 13k+ link clicks

- +40% increase in positive brand sentiment during takeover day, driven by 6 tweets utilizing Image Carousel ads and Video Ads to deliver 65% higher CTR than usual.

Overall, the campaign achieved its goals, becoming the benchmark for future sponsored Twitter pop-ups, also creating a key opportunity to maximize the campaign’s audience reach through future remarketing campaigns.

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