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LUPE, Asuncion / GLOBAL INFANCIA / 2014

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The campaign aimed to raise awareness on the risks surrounding the "Criadazgo". The challenge was to reach the most vulnerable community: the rural areas of the country.

The strategy consisted of working directly with the target, therefore we get to a community and with them we created a radio soap opera.

We targeted rural areas’ radio stations for two reasons: they are the main source of information for the target and besides, since it doesn't depict too much content, it was going to be more appreciated.

The PR was the whole campaign’s mainstay. Through it we reached the communities we co-created the content with.

And also through the PR we spread this content to the rural areas of the country and obtained free media spot consisting of 7 chapters spread in more than 80 radio stations across the country.


The power of creativity was his performance: the idea of ??co-creating a soap opera responded effectively to several of our objectives.

We educate a community in potential danger.

Arrived at other communities with actual content as it was done by the same to them and not by actors people.

And while the rest of the country got installing the issue on the public agenda.


More than 80 radio stations broadcasted the soap opera, generating more than 3,400 minutes of free media spot.

Free Publicity: US$ 300,000

The most important outcome: Our contribution to the enactment

of the law 4788/2012 that identifies the Criadazgo as human traffic.

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