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In LATAM markets, fraud is a significant issue when it comes to digital and multi-market campaigns, more challenging to manage (33.5% fraud on mobile impressions, 41% fraud on mobile clicks, 63% ghost clicks on mobile visits-online) and attributing that mobile impression to an actual offline store visit is even more difficult.

To be accurate measuring footfall traffic in real stores, a location-based technology needs consistent XY coordinates only available in-app using the GPS native feature of a smartphone. It also requires a significant reach on mobile users and a high frequency to collect, store and use the location data the right way.

HP Inc wanted to generate consideration of the HP Core Pavilion portfolio by highlighting its features while moving the consumer down the funnel.

In addition to this, HP Inc wanted to boost offline retailer sales for the HP Core Pavilion portfolio.


Due to the high penetration of mobile devices in the LATAM markets there is a huge need for technologies and effective targeting capabilities that can impact consumers at the right time of purchase.

Currently in LATAM there is 80% mobile penetration and GPS technology has evolved significantly.

Having these insights in mind, we built our creative strategy focusing on reaching and engaging with HP’s intended audience as well as measuring foot traffic into different retailers to calculate real-world impact from ad impressions to every store.

This creative idea was developed along with our Key Partners to build personalized ad units with specific drive to store call to actions, generating a need and recency while driving him/her to the nearest point of sale.


The toughest challenge for this campaign was to attribute real-world store visits from online impressions. HP was able to bridge an online campaign directing real in store traffic to hundreds of retailers in the region.

We partnered with third-party measurement experts to ensure impartial metrics on incremental foot traffic generated by campaign impressions.

We combined detailed audience insights by profiling users based on app targeting and location data. This data was uniquely available on mobile devices to ensure these metrics were fed in real-time into the campaign, maximizing efficiency and optimizing on the best performing parameters.

We used Location Data in 3 ways:

1. Identify tech-savvy consumers receptive to the advanced features and benefits of HP’s product offerings, based on their previous visited locations.

2. Understand their location in real time and provide the right user experience in the Ad Format

3. Optimize ROAS based on actual traffic in stores.


The initial approach was to map over 400 retailers across 6 different markets based on exact latitude and longitude coordinates for each retailer store. We used GPS data filter technology to eliminate centroids, inaccurate location data such as IP addresses, and fraud.

The campaign ran for 1½ months and traffic was optimized weekly based on traffic inventory.

We targeted tech enthusiasts aged 18 or older, showing interest in computing, business lifestyle, news, and sports. These consumers were only targeted if they were within the proximity of an HP retailer.

Furthermore, for this campaign, we designed mobile-first creatives to integrate seamlessly into the user’s browsing activities without interrupting their browsing experience.

Consumers were one click away from an efficient itinerary pinpointing the nearest store in their native GPS mobile app. The footfall analysis was showing traffic in stores on a 24 hours basis to optimize the campaign along its flight.


In 6 weeks, the campaign delivered:

- 8.78% visitation rate on average

- 167% of footfall uplift into 400 HP retailers across six LATAM markets.

- We measured 30,085 incremental visits directly attributed to the campaign impressions

- We saw high performances with an overall conversion rate of 37% and the average CVR for all markets was 34%. This was higher than industry benchmark of 28%.

- The best performing store was in Colombia which measured 643 in-store visits yielded by the campaign.

- Most impressively, post-campaign insights showed that most visits into stores took place within a week after ad exposure.

- Using a unique MRC accredited technology (accredited KPIs: impressions, clicks, CTR, visits-online, ...) and a fraud filtration solution, we could reallocate 50% of the media spend that could have been lost in fraud to optimize the campaign results in real time.

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