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Huawei - The Explorers

BBC WORLDWIDE, Singapore / HUAWEI / 2018

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When Huawei first came to us, they were struggling to stand out in a crowded market place, where their products were given little consideration despite their innovative designs.

As a Chinese brand, relatively unknown in the western world outside of specific product advertising, and some negatively associated coverage around their nationality, Huawei were keen to raise awareness of the true spirit, purpose, value and contributions of the Huawei brand.


They had previously focused on products only, and realized that they needed to create both awareness and positive association to their overarching brand, that included a focus on their research and development, and to tie that investment into their overarching desire to give back to society and further the human race.

Client objectives:

Increase in:

• brand awareness

• audience association with brand key messages of socially responsible and innovative

• brand favorability

• desire to engage with Huawei


‘The Explorers’ stories, as told by Huawei and StoryWorks, illuminate human endeavors that personify the brands’ key values. The stories feature a creative mathematician, a naturalist and scientist, a humanitarian astronaut, and two young environmentalists in 4 x2 minute documentary shorts, with 4 x 60 and 30 second cut down teasers that drove traffic to the main campaign site.

Each piece of content corresponds to Huawei’s values and adds a tangible human element to an illusive brand value. The brand also utilized these videos to launch their brand at major IT events like IFA and CES. Content was also shared in social media optimized bits to drive brand engagement. Through stories and across platforms, we helped Huawei shift its perception to a global trusted brand.

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