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AMVBBDO, London / MARS / 2017

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Resistance is Futile. When cats want Sheba we are powerless to resist.

We brought this to life by taking some eternal truths: the internet loves cute cats and 80s power ballads, while cats love tuna and ruling over their humans. We smashed these truths together to create Karaoke Cat. A mobile content campaign for Sheba’s online community.

Cats have a bag of tricks to break your resistance: big pleading eyes, a tilt of the head, cute little purrs and yelps, and now thanks to technology, they can harness the power of 80s power ballads.

Karaoke cat helps you sing classics such as Hungry Eyes and REO Speedwagon’s “can’t fight this feeling” and Russian hit “Five Reasons.” But with a twist.

The lyrics were subtly reworked to express our cat’s desire for Tuna and your need to bring it to him.


We collaborated directly with Facebook in New York to get to work that was completely bespoke for the platform. We decided to develop executions to fit to the innovative new Facebook Carousel format. The idea was brought to life based on audience viewing behaviour:

1. Frontload your content with context to stop people scrolling past

2. 50% of people don’t click for sound so use subtitles in a creative way

3. Or even better? Make them click for sound.


Over 8 million views

Top five youtube ad

98% positive engagement with Sheba brand.

No tech firsts.

Nothing profound happened.

And finally, the world wasn’t saved.

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