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OMD UK, London / CHANNEL 4 / 2016


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Our idea was to demonstrate the challenge faced by the people being Hunted and make our audience identify with just how difficult it is to hide.

We achieved it by bringing to life the 'invisible net' around them and showing them they could be found anywhere. We used 37 different media channels to recreate the surveillance state we live in.

To really deliver impact we didn’t just rely on digital channels where our audience expected to be tracked, instead we bought the net into the physical world in surprising, high frequency, everyday places with everything from ATMs, to coffee cups, receipts to nightclub hand stamps, all demonstrating just how easy it was to find and track our audience. And all driving them to the show.


We developed 325 different creative messages that ran across 114 formats on 37 media channels. We ensured that every creative was contextually aligned with each individual media format:

• ATM cash machine screens told you to ‘cut up your card’

• Personalised Starbucks cups that said ‘Don’t tell anyone your name’

• Public transport said to ‘hide your face’

• Travel card wallets told you ‘This is a tracking device’

• Receipts warned you ‘you’ve told them where you are, run’

• Gas stations proclaimed ‘abandon your car’

• Beer mats proclaimed ‘you have no mates’

• Mirrors that said ‘change your identity’

• Club stamps told people to ‘give a false name’

• Public telephones warned you to ‘never call your family’

• Public toilets told you to ‘leave no trace’

• Roadside panels advised you to ‘be prepared to eat anything’.


• 6.3 million people watched the series – that’s 10% of the UK population.

• We reached every Londoner an average of 33 times during the campaign

• There were over 19,000 Tweets about Hunted on the build-up to the first episode

• The first episode attracted 54% more people in the London region than the Channel 4 slot average for that period.

• Combined Video on Demand catch-up viewing figures were the highest of any new show on Channel 4 in 2015.

• Hundreds of people captured photos of the Hunted media placements and shared them on social media with many proclaiming they felt ‘Hunted by Channel 4’.

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