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Hyundai x BTS: Hydrogen Leadership Campaign


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While the importance of clean energy is arising, the reality is that false rumors of Hydrogen technology is creating hype. We took this as an opportunity to show our responsibility as the leader of Hydrogen technology. To do so, we thought that it is important to educate and communicate to the actual dwellers of the future Hydrogen society, Millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, we needed to develop a campaign where we could successfully show the true Hydrogen technology and the future of hydrogen society in their perspective.


In order to create attention from our target audience, Millennials and Gen Z, we decided to collaborate with BTS. BTS is the worldwide youth leaders, who has massive impact on our target. Moreover, BTS is known for spreading Positive Influence around the world through their music and action. Thus, we wanted to take this momentum as an opportunity to spread our message through their voice. Our goal was to show the young generations that Hydrogen is the Positive Energy that could make their future better.


Our target audience are the Millennials and Gen Z, the generations that has to live and fight through climate change. The main idea of our strategy was to keep the targets engaged. We wanted them to be a part of the campaign so that they could experience what it’s like to shape their own future. Most importantly, we wanted to reach out to our targets in their perspective. Knowing that they are obsessed with SNS, we maximized our effort to execute the campaign considering their social behavior in the digital environment.

First, we hooked the targets attention by launching the campaign massively on the screen of Times Square NYC. After gaining the attention of the targets, we utilized YouTube as the medium to share our message through films and used Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok as the hub for the targets to engage and be a part of the campaign.


#MyCleanNature (2020/2/12 – 2020/5/31, Times Square OOH, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

Ahead of Earth Day, BTS shared their chosen nature elements to be preserved through 8 brand films. Afterwards, we asked our targets to share what they would like to preserve and shared it worldwide.

#DarkSelfieChallenge (2020/4/13 – 2020/5/31, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

On Earth Day, BTS and thousands took selfies with their lights off and shared it online. This resulted in reducing 250 Ibs of Greenhouse gas emissions.

*If you turn off the lights whenever you leave a room, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.15 pounds per hour. (Boston University). 10,000 participants x 10 minutes = 250 lbs

#PositiveEnergyChallenge (2020/6/1 – 2020/7/3, TikTok/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

On World Environment Day, we created a song inspired by water drops, the only emission from FCEV. Then we used the challenge friendly platform TikTok, and had the youths join the challenge by singing along the song.


The Earth Day Campaign film, which is one of the eight brand films from #MyCleanNature, got 100 million views in 27 days on YouTube. Thousands followed us through the journey by participating in our challenge events: #MyCleanNature +5K, #DarkSelfieChallenge +10K and #PositiveEnergyChallenge +913K. Also, the #PositiveEnergyChallenge got best records in several categories on TikTok: Views, Number of user created content, Number of content shared, Interaction (Best Record attained in the shortest time, among all Official TikTok challenges considering the Monthly Active Users). In addition, Hyundai’s TikTok Channel got 450,000 new followers after the campaign.

However, the most meaningful result is that at last the Millennials and Gen Z tuned in to Hyundai’s Hydrogen technology. After the campaign, keywords about Hydrogen significantly increased in the Millennials and Gen Z demographic as related search results for Hyundai.

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