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I, Aids.

WNP, Paris / AIDES / 2016


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Let's make AIDS viral online to show his real life.

Let's create a real, omnipresent and cynical character that it is still around and can affect you at any moment, everywhere you go.

A virus that uses the same tools as everyone else.

People meet on Tinder and Grindr ? AIDS is checked-in everywhere too.

Twitter users want more followers? AIDS follows everyone.

You all share your life stories on Facebook ? So does AIDS.

Want to show something on Instagram? Good, because AIDS goes to the same bars as you.

You're proud of your carreer on Linkedin ? Imagine a 32 million victims serial killer.

Let's let him talk....and then, let's get together to shut him up.


On 1st may 2015, all the “I, Aids” social media accounts are launched, making AIDS speak under the hashtag #IAmHere.

During 6 weeks, AIDS folllows, shares, likes, comments, pokes, matches and spams people, groups and conversations.

8th june : after 6 weeks, the Aides Association takes action to shut him up with a national media campaign : outdoor, print, online video, radio, banners relay the best

AIDS verbatims with the call to action : "to shut him up :".

The hashtag #ShutUp is created to allow journalists, people, associations and public figures to interact directly with AIDS and relay their own conversations with him until the end of the campaign… what they did.


Over 70 national media outlets talked about “I, AIDS”. The media coverage was valued at 1.5 million euros. The online video had over 500,000 views, with no investment.

Not only did the media relay the message, but they also participated in it, as journalists interacted with the real personality behind the campaign: AIDS himself. This “one by one” PR operation with journalists extended the campaign, journalists sharing screenshots of their own conversations with AIDS in their articles.

The campaign was then carried on through European and Canadian media, and all associations supporting the fight against AIDS got behind the message “@lesida (AIDS) #ShutUp”. The Twitter account was the fourth result on Google for a search for “AIDS”, positioned after the WHO site and ahead of all the associations. AIDS finally got the attention he deserves.

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