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The Jules brand suffers from a lack of desirability. We know her well but we have an image of her clothes very functional: simple and comfortable basics. However, the Jules brand offers much more than that, you can find stylish and durable clothes.

While the Men In Progress campaign laid the foundation for the brand strategy, with a very positive impact on Jules’ image, the link with clothing has not been made in the minds of consumers.

It was crucial for the brand to speak out in an innovative way to also anchor its innovative approach to clothing, including a clear discourse on eco-responsible fashion.

How to show men in a new light, so as to impact minds and show a new picture of modern man and his relationship to others.


As the brand expressed itself in the territory of new codes such as eco-responsibility, the casting was due to current standards: inclusive.

We have chosen actors capable of translating all types of men.

Without highlighting the physicality of each of them, but in a way that reflects their personality.

Shy, slouchy, funny, mocking it's more the background, the personality than the form that decided the choice of people. It was important for personalities to get the upper hand over the physical so that the dialogue seemed natural and impactful.

The casting also had to reflect the plurality of typologies found within a group of friends. No opposition but more complementarities of actors.

It wasn't necessary for one actor to come out more than another despite the fact that we were celebrating a birthday.

Each actor is therefore indispensable to the other that is what makes the casting balance.


The campaign is recent (May 2023) and we are still seeing its impact, but we can already see the wave of positive feedback and the discussions it generates.

Many comments attest to the general appreciation of the film by the general public, via posts on the website and handwritten letters sent to JULES’ headquarters.

The campaign even succeeded in generating conversations and declarations of affection between men (Reprise of the campaign on BFM Business and in podcasts on masculinity, etc...

A campaign that has been the heart of many media: Stratégies, BFM Business, Culture Pub, Podcast ‘Les Passeurs de Clé(s)’.

Proof of this is that the insight at the heart of the campaign and the taboo it addresses echoes the changes in society. A great way to reach your target and talk about your brand and offer subtly and accurately.

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