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Children living without the care of their mother are usually either raised by a single father, a grandparent or a relative. Children treat these guardians as if they were their own mothers. They are the real heroes in their lives.

But because it is Mother’s Day in particular, these children feel uncomfortable to show gratitude towards those in their life that have given them so much, simply because they don’t fit the profile of a traditional ‘mother’. This means that ordinary heroes are being unintentionally overlooked on a day meant to celebrate love, care and dedication.

Our idea was simple: change the conversation and celebrate those who have looked after and loved children who don’t have mothers. Fathers, brothers and sisters. Uncles, aunts and grandparents. Even teachers, neighbors and friends. Krungsri First Choice could be at the forefront of a new expression of gratitude.


Real children. Real experiences. Real pain.

A select group of motherless children were invited to take part in a-series of interviews, articulating the difficulties they go through in their everyday lives, which were especially apparent when Mother’s Day came around.

Despite the pain, they offered a different angle on life; how grateful they were to have someone else to fill the void left by their mothers. Someone else that loved them, cared and nurtured them; fulfilling the role of a traditional mother.

A 3-minute video called “I Want Mother’s Day, Too” was created and amplified digitally.

With the average Facebook user in Thailand logging in to the platform 14 times a day (the highest in the world), we knew we could reach parents and parents-to-be at scale online.

Digital media offered a ‘native’ solution that was much more cost-effective than TV to gain mass reach, while not compromising on authenticity.


The emotion and heartbreak burst through the screen and connected with the country more than we ever could have imagined:

o 8,551,525 views received (70% paid 30% organic) on Facebook

o 1,082,098 views received on YouTube

• The clip received total 40 million impressions, an incredible result given there are 42 million Facebook users in Thailand.

• There were 612,982 engagements in total

o 451,000 Likes & Reactions

o 152,000 shares (76% paid 24% organic)

o 10,000 comments

• A movement has been created to scrap the tradition of paying homage to moms at schools on Mother’s Day to avoid isolating motherless children.

Most importantly, the campaign completely redefined the meaning of Mother’s Day. It offered the opportunity to give thanks beyond biological mothers, to those who served wholeheartedly on behalf of mothers as well.

A real dedication to the true ‘mothers’ of this world.

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