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We created a suite of videos that can be expanded as opportunity (and budget) allows. Whenever NMA assembles a group of new NMA advocates for training workshops or other activities, we incorporate videotaping sessions. A few general rules guide the process:

• Nothing is scripted. Every video reflects the storyteller’s personality

• All advocates go through a storytelling workshop before they are videotaped. This helps them to think about how they want to shape their story. What are the key messages from their perspectives?

• Close up video shots add to the intimacy of each video; the viewer knows that each advocate is sharing his or her personal and, in many cases, intensely private and painful story to help others


Over the past five years, we have developed 38 advocate videos; the suite of eight videos that constitute this award entry were distributed between August 2015 and February 2016. These videos make people care about this rare but devastating disease. They impel action – from a parent or grandparent who views a video and insists adolescents in their family are vaccinated or shares it via social media to inform and protect friends to a representative from a state legislature who says the impact of the disease makes it imperative to consider state vaccination mandates. Since March 2015, the organic reach of these videos when shared on Facebook has been more than 160,000 with more than 55,000 views and more than 5,000 engagements. The reception has been so positive we are currently planning a paid Facebook campaign and are editing

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