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Idea Bakery Rebranding

MONROE, Istanbul / IDEA BAKERY / 2020

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Meet Idea Bakery, a boutique, global brand strategy consultancy & training company with delicious recipes for brand-led transformation. While they had been baking game-changing ideas globally for the world’s biggest brands, their presence was more of a marketing insider’s best-kept secret. Idea Bakery needed an impactful identity that reflected their distinctly fresh and whimsical personality, one that is as fresh, modern and bold as the services they provide - while standing out among the duller branding conventions of other consultancy and training companies.

So we rolled up our sleeves and started kneading the dough for a complete rebranding project.


The brand, as per the name "Idea Bakery," centralizes on a bakery analogy. Staying true to this analogy, we sought inspiration from the charm of freshly baked pastry: its wafting aromas, its inviting warmth, the crunch of its crust, its delectable glaze, its taste… We worked on a deliciously sensory world that appealed to all 5 senses - turning Idea Bakery into a magical bakery of brand-building ideas. We designed an identity that is energizing and warm, one that channels a fine balance of funspiration, whimsy and mastery.

This almost fantastical world lied outside the conventions of the consultancy ecosystem. Idea Bakery targets C-level brand and marketing directors, so leaving an impression that lasts was of the utmost importance. And the brand's new identity did just that: gave a spirited demonstration of what working with the Idea Bakery team feels like.


We created a world rich in icons, bright colors, animation and sound. We developed a set of icons out of baking tools, and assigned each a particular meaning within the Idea Bakery acumen. Then we sprinkled these icons throughout the entire corporate identity. We created key visuals out of kitchen utensils and baking ingredients - constantly nearing the edge of fantasy but always rooted in the brand's mastery over their craft, baking brand-building ideas!

Finally, we gathered all of our work and whisked them into the ultimate bakery showcase: the Idea Bakery website. This became a playful platform to introduce the Masterchefs who run the bakery and their idea-baking processes. The renewed website immediately created hype across clients old and new, generated traffic, and turned Idea Bakery into the proof of what they preach:

“A well baked idea can change the world.”


Idea Bakery's new brand identity is not only aesthetically viable, but also stands out amongst its competitors. Their rebranding attracted attention amongst the brand's current and past clientele, and generated a noticeable increase in the company website traffic. This recent surge of interest translated into new clients amongst which are MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder Companies and Clinique.