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IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe

HOPE & GLORY, London / IKEA / 2016

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No Bed Like Home: the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café: A pop up café that would serve the public breakfast in bed at any time of day.

We took over a gallery space in Shoreditch – home of the pop up café – and built “No Bed Like Home”.

It was to open its doors for three days with our waiters serving 300 members of the public (IKEA) breakfasts – from a menu of Gravadlax, Swedish cheeses, waffles and fruit salads.

Those breakfasts were served in one of nine different IKEA bedroom sets. Each was dominated by a different bed (whether single, double or king size).

When booking (via email), visitors could request the bed they felt most reflected their personality –choosing duvets, bedding and pillow types: delivering the personalisation message perfectly.


Announcing IKEA was planning to create a Breakfast in Bed café ahead of opening generated over 200 pieces of coverage. Nationally, across the Evening Standard, METRO and the Wall Street Journal and lifestyle titles such as Glamour, Reveal, House Beautiful delivered widespread awareness.

Trends sites including Dalstonist, Mashable, PSFK, Time Out, LOPA and Urban Junkies picked it up. Appearances on US sites meant the idea went global – with Fox News US, ABC News and Good Morning America picking up the tale.

Coverage of the unveiling astounded even us, with pieces across Daily Mail, Evening Standard, CITY AM, Daily Mirror, The Sun and Buzzfeed just some of the highlights. CNN and London Live filmed the opening live. We also had media experiencing the pop up ahead of the public – with the Evening Standard, Daily Mail and The Sun getting in for its first morning.

Over 500 pieces in.



There were over 500 pieces of coverage. They reached 40 million UK adults and 90% of our core audiences 6.5 times in ten days. 100% of coverage was positive and 100% of pieces carried at least two messages.


The activation inspired 4,850 unique messages (on Twitter alone) about the B&B from 3,410 unique accounts. They reached 20.4 million people – delivering 28.6 million impressions. We delivered over 27,000 interactions.

The experience

We had over 5,000 requests for spaces. Based on research, 98% of guests rated the experience good or very good and 75% said it had changed their perceptions of IKEA’s range.

The commercial results

Consumer post-event wrapped up showed those exposed via editorial or social media were 55% more likely to consider IKEA for beds and bedding than those who hadn’t. IKEA reported sales of beds and bedding up +8% overall in the three months following the campaign.

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