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Historically at IKEA there are special sections with products for kids and for adults.

But what about those who are NO LONGER KIDS BUT NOT ADULTS YET.

They are from 12 till 16 years old and they want make their own decisions, they want to have their own thoughts and especially when we are talking about their rooms and interiors.

So, for the first time in IKEA history we created a section with goods only for NO LONGER KIDS (teens).


THE ‘NO LONGER KIDS ROOM’ - a new section on IKEA website with a teens’ range for NO LONGER KIDS ROOM.


We asked the NO LONGER KIDS (teens) to help us fill up the new section with IKEA products.

They became invited experts, choosing the most relevant goods for their needs and wishes.

The NO LONGER KIDS (teens) should choose the ideal products, put them into the basket and choose the button “send to through e-mail” and IKEA creates a new section “NO LONGER KIDS ROOM” on with these products.


In our TV spot we’ve showed NO LONGER KIDS (teens) growing-up process and tell people about goods from IKEA for NO LONGER KIDS BUT NOT ADULTS YET.

OOH and OLV were also created especially for NO LONGER KIDS (teens).

To tell about the project we also invited the most popular SM influencers’ relevant for NO LONGER KIDS (teens).

And IKEA _RUS Instagram was given into the hands of ordinary teens and SM influencers and for 2 weeks became the TEENOGRAM.

We also made Internet banners, Special projects in Social network, digital banners to support Special project targeted on parents and even stickers were for NO LONGER KIDS ROOM.



Reach: 15 665 713 person

723 913 unique visitors of the landing page NO LONGER KIDS ROOM

149 607 new visitors of IKEA stores

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