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IKEA’s storage solutions are amongst the brand’s flagship products. So much so, every year it dedicates an entire month to promoting its storage range. Bearing that in mind, the client gave the agency the task to create campaign that connected the products with consumers’ insights, highlighting IKEA’s storage range as the perfect solution to keep their everyday lives nice and tidy.

With a limited budget of $100,000 our campaign had to increase even more brand awareness as “the #1 storage solution for your home” and also increase sales nationwide year-on-year. To do so, our media plan had to contemplate OOH in our main markets (Riyadh and Jeddah), national and local publications and in-store collateral posters and special built displays.


IKEA stores are famous for their room sets. So we thought that we would use them to bring our Storage solution campaign to life. Using specially made 3D letters, we recreated the headlines from the outdoor campaign in the room sets. We hid the words that we don't want to see in the actual furniture and encouraged the customers to find them. A perfect stage to show how Ikea's Storage solutions actually help store unwanted things away. The unsuspecting IKEA customers loved the interaction. Not only did they enjoy the theater of the idea but they explored the all important furniture itself. The activation invited shop goers to immerse in our campaign in fun and organic way, creating an unique experience.


IKEA’s Smart Storage solutions deserved an execution as clever and cost-efficient as they are. So we created a campaign deeply connected with consumers’ insights that establishes a direct correlation between the things we need to keep hidden from others at home and in life. So we created print ads, OOH and special in-store displays that materialize the little thoughts we keep to ourselves, by using words as objects that need to be stored out of sight in various IKEA storage units to prevent a mess from happening. With the help of

IKEA Smart Solutions, a single word hidden away from a sentence is enough to ensure some well deserved peace and harmony at home. And throughout December 2016, on the media outlets and in IKEA stores nationwide how some things in life are best kept hidden away from where everyone can see them.

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