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In the US, Branded Entertainment is an increasingly considered component of an advertisers marketing mix. According to a recent survey by the Custom Content Council, 39% of US companies will spend more on branded content in 2012.The reasons for using branded entertainment vary from awareness, education and consideration to retention and brand loyalty. In the US, there are no overarching rules or restrictions imposed by the TV Networks when it comes to Branded Entertainment, other than the standard restrictions against nudity and cursing. In some instances, TV networks do restrict advertisers from running commercials and/or branded content featuring talent during the commercial time of a show that the same talent stars in. These restrictions are at the discretion of individual networks.The opportunities for Branded Entertainment grow by the day, fuelled by the rise of digital and technological innovations and devices in the US and across the world. Branded Entertainment is primarily focused in the digital realm in the US, with multi-platform extensions. However, in the past couple of years, due to the validated ROI of Branded Entertainment, there is an increase in many types of executions, such as films, documentaries, TV series, events, books and games.


-Integration on the talk show, The View. Whoopi Goldberg debuted one of the short films and interviewed a women’s health specialist.

-Ran a :60 montage during the Academy Awards Pre-Show which led to 1bn PR impressions.

-Poise had the honour of being spoofed on Saturday Night Live – the barometer of pop culture in the USA.

-A deep consumer experience was built online at ‘’, where all the films played, while teasers ran in syndication.-AOL partnership engaged consumers in a photo ‘caption contest’.-1/3 page ads were taken out in print publications.


•Poise achieved its highest sales month and year ever.•The sub-category experienced substantial influx of new category buyers 5x higher than average annual rate.•Record all-outlet market shares for brand, with an increase of 3 points. Poise's main competitors’ shares went down- which became a 6% spread, not just 3% growth for Poise!

•400% increase in sample requests.•Over 1bn impressions in top outlets •Poise website saw a 50% increase in traffic, and the newly launched site had nearly 600,000 unique website visits in its first month with 2m for the year. •Consumers exposed to the campaign were more likely to state that Poise was the product specifically designed to protect against LBL. This resulted in a brand lift rate of 28.1% at a confidence level of 95%.‘Great Women in History’ marked the first time that a Kimberly Clark branded entertainment programme evolved into a multi-channel advertising campaign.

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