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Influence that Pops: Hilton Debuts New Brand


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There are more than 130 hotel brands operating in North America, with new brands entering the fold regularly. Hilton needed a creative sales tool to introduce its latest offering and entice potential investors to sign on the dotted line.

To tell the story of Tempo by Hilton, the team developed a one-of-a-kind pop-up book that guided readers through the brand development process, target audiences and differentiators in a compelling way.

The challenge? The book needed to be written and illustrated, and then 750 copies had to be printed, hand-assembled and delivered in less than three months for the brand’s January 2020 launch. Working within a tight budget, the project required the work of illustrators, paper engineers, account executives and more.

More than 200 books were mailed or hand-delivered to investors, influencers, media, and Hilton board members, with the other copies to be used as a direct mail piece this year.


During the creation of Tempo by Hilton, it became clear the brand development process and the whitespace it was addressing lent themselves well to a storybook format. Afterall, the process took place across various stages, or chapters, sparking the idea of putting this compelling narrative down on paper.

Knowing a brochure was not enough to captivate the target audiences – which included media, current and prospective Hilton owners, real estate professionals, financial advisors and other industry influencers-- who are inundated daily with branded collateral, we set out to develop a concept that really popped (pun intended).

The end result was an interactive pop-up book sales tool that illustrated Tempo’s brand differentiators in a memorable and playful way, and that would also be a keepsake recipients would want to showcase. Word of mouth was key, as we looked to start conversations in the financial community about Tempo as an investment opportunity.


Book design had to take place as the brand itself was being developed. We had less than 30 days between creation of the brand, name, logo, and hotel design scheme, and printing deadlines for the book. Our designers worked in tandem with brand specialists, finalizing the illustrations just hours before the book went to print.

Book characters were inspired by anticipated guest profiles, and each spread incorporated a tactile component to engage the reader. Taking cues from children’s books, which would be relatable to all recipients, we incorporated spinning dials, lift-the-flap pages, and mirrored elements to allow the reader to “see themselves” in a future hotel. These complemented four pop-up layouts which brought the common areas and guest rooms to life.

The book was made from 100% recyclable materials, with 750 copies made and shipped to New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Miami for further distribution.


The Tempo pop-up book showcased the brand in a memorable way and differentiated it from competitors that had also recently made their debut. More than 200 books were mailed or hand-distributed to potential owners and investors, industry influencers, media, and Hilton board members, with the other copies being used as a direct mail piece through 2020.

The book received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with brand team members receiving direct comments from investment firms and media companies. Combined with a robust public relations campaign that drew headlines across the country, Tempo made its debut with 30 confirmed projects and 30 deals in development stages. Following the distribution of the book, another 10 hotel deals have since been signed.

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