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Influencer Chatbot, KalaniBot, for COVERGIRL

THEAMPLIFY, Culver City / COTY / 2017

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Influencers give brands an authentic and relevant voice that audiences crave. Until now, the depth of conversation was limited by human capacity in that influencers could not respond to literally thousands of comments per post. The AI powering Influencer Chatbots leverages conversational data from an influencer’s account to bring the bot to life with an authentic tone.


Kalanibot was the first Influencer Chatbot ever created, made in partnership with COVERGIRL. Incorporating Automat’s AI and our conversational data, the user experience was constructed so that Kalani Hillker’s fans could enter the Kik messaging app and engage in an organic conversation, much in the same way that one would chat with a friend. By gently directing the conversation around beauty and the client’s beauty products through individualized pathways, Kalanibot generated authentic branded conversations. Additionally, a fan could choose to talk about Kalani’s dance moves, learn how-tos for make-up looks, and watch branded content videos.


Within the first week we observed: 14 times more conversations than average comments per-post, 91% positive sentiment, 13+ messages per average chatbot session, 48% of chat sessions led to coupon delivery, and a 51% CTR on coupons delivered.

We were surprised that with only three Instagram posts driving traffic to the bot, there have been 60,258 Unique Users of the KalaniBot Influencer Chatbot.

Proving the ability to generate scalable branded conversation between fans and the social influencers they adore as well as opening new e-commerce opportunities, the Influencer Chatbot product has the potential to usher in a new area of advertising that was previously not technically possible.

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