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GREY BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / VOLVO / 2019

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The biggest viral musical of all time was also the most dangerous viral. The "In my feelings" challenge encouraged people to get off their moving cars to dance the Drake hit next to it. Even though it was dangerous, millions of people joined in and many of them got hurt. TV shows reported on the danger behind the challenge. Police departments around the world warned people not to participate in the challenge, as there were people hurting themselves very seriously. But instead of ending the joke, Volvo, a brand committed to safer streets, decided to make the challenge safer. Our mission was then to enter the challenge to make it more inclusive and secure than ever.


Millions of people shared their videos around the world participating in the "In my Feelings" challenge. Two hashtags were used to enter the viral: #myfeelings and #shiggychallenge. For months, it was common to see some famous friend or influencer posting his video. What did they all have in common? They ran a serious risk of hurting themselves, as well as hurting others by dancing beside a moving car. To make the challenge safer, Volvo decided to speak to the participating public. How? Entering the social network where they were: Instagram. The challenge would not stop, so Volvo thought of a way to make it safe and inclusive. And it created a simple car door sticker to put on the Stories, replacing a real car. No brand had ever used a simple sticker to prevent accidents, making people have fun at the same time.


We put together the millions of videos posted with the hashtags #inmyfeelings and #shiggychallenge. In addition, we studied at what time of the week people participated more often in the challenge. Then we started Volvo campaigns, encouraging the use of the Door Sticker instead of dancing next to a moving car. Volvo's idea was not to end the game, but to make it safer and more inclusive. By tracking the hashtags of the challenge, we found that a lot of people were reposting videos or just posting anything with the hashtag. It was then that we analyzed the way the doors appeared in most videos. From there, we digitally recreated the door of a Volvo so that everyone could add the sticker to their stories and participate in the challenge. To spread this idea, we had the help of tagged fans who posted and tagged their friends, challenging each of them to join in the fun.


To make the viral safer, Volvo digitally recreated the door of their cars for people to dance in a much safer way. First, we had to photograph the cars with their doors open, at the same angle that people recorded themselves dancing. Then we digitally retouched and manipulated for all the colors available in the Volvo catalog. With the ports ready, we uploaded it to Giphy and then tagged "inmyvolvo" to work whenever someone was looking for that gif on Instagram. Along the doors, those who searched for the tag "inmyvolvo" found the brand logo, as if it were a signature of the activation. The scale was immense. All colors in the catalog. All doors of all models for sale. The public had fun and got to know our cars directly from Instagram.


The door sticker had 10.4 million views according Giphy. The number of visits to the Volvo account on Instagram increased 200%. Since all the cars of the brand are disclosed in this account, the models became known by a new audience, the young participants of the “In my Feelings” challenge. Thousands shared their dances with the door and thousands more followed the brand on Instagram. The culture around the brand changed. Before, it was known as a solid brand, thinking only about safety, then, it came to be seen as a younger and more entertaining brand.

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2019, VOLVO

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