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LOWE & PARTNERS ASIA, Ho Chi Minh City / NESTLE / 2011

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Hanoians are people from the capital of Vietnam, potently traditional and prefer buying local brands over foreign ones. G7, a local coffee brand, kept playing their national pride card. Though Nescafe 3in1 was the nation-wide leader, G7 was leading in Hanoi.To get closer to the Hanoians, we must get Nescafe a Hanoian citizenship. 2010 was Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary; we launched a campaign called 'Thousand years of Hanoi' to get into everyday local conversations.

We had the usual mix of TV, Web and outdoor. We need one thing that Hanoians would see as a landmark gesture.


We turned our pack into the ultimate symbol of Hanoi 1000 year celebrations & a piece of art, ‘The Lacquer Limited Edition Pack’.The original Nescafe 3in1 pack was re-designed from a square pack to a triangle shaped lacquer box which is a conscious reference to three historical milestones that shaped Hanoi (THANG LONG –DONG DO – HA NOI).It adorned patterns and poetry reflecting Hanoi’s rich culture & history. Every minute detail was tended to, as this was a sensitive piece of work that meant a lot to the people.


This was the first time in the history of Hanoi that any brand had done this.Hanoians, being appreciative of art, welcomed this limited edition pack with arms wide open.-It gave our campaign the soul that we were trying to bring across to the people of Hanoi.-Brand loyalty jump by 17 points (From 32 to 49 points) – 183% over the target (Source: TNS Brand Track).-An incremental volume growth of 7.4% from the limited edition packs last year – 148% over the target (Source: Client Data).

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