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BLUE RUBICON, London / AVIVA / 2011

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Want to be more than a policy number? You are the Big Picture - Aviva’s first global brand campaign - marked the latest chapter in its commitment to putting people first. It brought to life Aviva’s brand promise that 'no-one recognises you like Aviva' and aimed to make the insurance provider stand out from other financial services brands.

Our PR strategy introduced public participation, social media, corporate responsibility and industry leadership to the central marketing campaign and bound them to its core. As Aviva displayed giant portraits of customers and employees throughout major cities to bring to life 'recognition', we gave thousands of people their own moment of fame.

We invited the public to donate a photo through social media channels, for a chance to have it projected on a huge scale in each of the campaign cities. Aviva gave £1 to charity for each photo uploaded. Within two months we:• Drove significant increases in brand consideration • Created a moment of recognition for 54,000 people, selected from 59,000 photos • Built an active Facebook community of 57,000 from a standing start• Generated almost 300 pieces of positive media coverage • Delivered fully-subscribed events for over 2,000 people.


Controlled campaign launch:As the giant portraits were unveiled, we achieved tightly-controlled coverage including The Guardian, Financial Times and Metro.Generating buzz:We then commenced broader outreach to drive participation.

We targeted audience groups likely to take an active interest, such as photography enthusiasts. Participation was online, so we prioritised online media and their outlets’ Facebook and Twitter presence.

We kept our followers engaged through Facebook and Twitter conversations and daily blogs. Following our approach, 14 top bloggers published positive testimonials – many charting their personal campaign journey.Projection Week:Our flagship opportunity: Created experiences that drew people to the Projection Buildings. Our pop-up photography studio gave people the chance to have their portrait shot and projected onto London’s National Theatre. Widespread coverage included leading Daily Mail fashion blog; Generated human-interest stories through a competition to be the first face projected; Ran LIVE! projection events and uploaded participants’ photos.


Audience engagement: - 54,000 photos projected - 59,000 photos uploaded in under two months (vs National Geographic global photography competition – 30,000 uploads over six months) - Built a Facebook community of 57,000 (vs AXA - 2,000) - All 100 places at Pop Up Photography Studio filled- 2,000 people participated in LIVE! events.Amplifying impact:- Almost 300 pieces of coverage - 52 million opportunities to see/hear (96% -mentioned projections, 84% global campaign, 82%, 67% had accompanying images); - 99% of coverage positive/neutral - 14 of the top100 most influential bloggers published positive testimonials.

Leadership and differentiation: - Spontaneous brand awareness in the six cities rose by on average 4 percentage points- Brand perception statements increased by 17% and resulted in an average +14% point shift in brand consideration, strongly correlated with market share growth - Only financial services brand featured in Campaign magazine’s top 10 poster campaigns of 2010.

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