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GAD', Sao Paulo / INVEPAR / 2013

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The brand´s main challenge was to differentiate itself in a traditionally conservative market. This brand should express the power and dynamism of an investment group whose relevant acquisitions include Sao Paulo International Airport, Rio de Janeiro Subway, as well as a large number of highways throughout Brazil.


Breaking the mold on investment brands, the INVEPAR identity creates a dynamic and iconic way of expressing itself. The identity was inspired by the wayfinding system found on many of INVEPAR's businesses including subways, highways, airports and shipping ports.The businesses are also represented by pictograms that serve to illustrate the diversity of the group's activities.

The brand's endorsement of all its businesses serves as a powerful tool to leverage their relevance in their market. Further, it brings freshness to the way investment companies currently operate and relate to their respective businesses.


The brand synthesized INVEPAR's vision and personality, bringing a sense of pride and unity to all its businesses. Previously, their brand was subdued and only present on business cards, thus failing to express this infrastructure giant's relevance in their marketplace. Now, with a visual identity present on subways, airports, and highways, the business has a powerful and confident brand that proudly reflects the success of their business activities. Today, INVEPAR is more than just an investment company, it is now a group with a clear and powerful vision and identity.