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Invisible Players - Digital Outdoor

AFRICA, Sao Paulo / ESPN / 2016


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The power of women in society, especially in sports, is still underestimated. So we decided to make people think about this worrisome truth in a spontaneous way, in a social experiment.

In a bus stop, using a digital interactive billboard with voice recognition we prompted people with the question: “How much do you know about sports?” Then, we showed a series of animations of famous sports moves without identifying the athlete responsible for the performance. Then we asked: “Who was responsible for this move?” Everyone remembered the name of famous male athletes such as Neymar, Messi, Jordan, Bryant, Medina and. But when we revealed the original scenes, there was a surprise: women were the sportspeople. At the end the billboard showed the message that gave food for thought: “You might even know about sports, but if you didn’t get the answers right, you need to learn more about women’s power”.


The digital billboard was part of an integrated campaign that also counted on other pieces: a film showed the same experiment done with sports fans inside a gymnasium with a projection of a video, besides that, a website also showed the same experiment for those who where browsing and at the end it re-directed the user to ESPNW’s portal. Thus, we increased our impact even further.

Obviously, the message was also present during ESPN’s different programs.


- In just one week, it was seen more than 1,200,000 times

- On Facebook, it had 11,000 interactions

- And more than 500,000 people were impacted

- It became news on national and international media

- On the very first day, had more than 500,00 visitors

- Resulting in ESPN Brazil’s main website receiving 34% more visitors

- But, most importantly: #womanpower made gender equality a global topic of discussion

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