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OGILVY, London / VODAFONE / 2018

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In order to launch a new range of ‘trackers’, we came up with a “Camouflage” campaign - a playful way to encourage viewers to look closer at the images and find the important things for themselves. It highlights just how easy it is to lose things and, with Vodafone’s help, you can make sure that it never happens again.


An unprecedented schedule of cover-wraps was deployed in relevant newspapers and magazines. The higher dwell time format allowing more time to explain the product benefit.

The bulk of the activity was delivered through cover-wraps wih OK!, Grazia, Heat, Closer, Metro, Evening Standard and Time Out. This was complemented with DPS advertorial in OK! and Grazia and a single page advertorial in Heat and Closer. For OK! this was the first cover wrap in their 25 years of being published.

This was supported by TV and VOD to raise awareness of the lifestyle benefits by targeting over 77% of the audience in family TV shows. Alongside this, a digital display, social and PPC campaign ran with the aim of speaking to consumers.


Sales volumes increased almost 4 times from the previous month.

V-Bag monthly volumes were +1300% up on previous month.

Display and social:

- 498,728 clicks

- Targeted, tailored video content delivered completed view rates 125% higher than industry benchmarks.

- Targeted video content on Yahoo saw view rates as high as 30% and CTR’s 20% higher than planned.

- Using Blis geo-location targeting we could identify frequent travellers (airports, business lounges, train stations) & parents (school gates, toy shops, nurseries) we saw CTR’s 1.05% - 163% higher than planned.

- V-Bag CTR’s were 165% higher than planned

- View rates 32% higher than industry benchmarks

Notably we saw view rates spike at 42% (v 20% benchmark) on social for our V-Camera product – these results were driven via keyword targeting a Twitter.

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