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ADD2, Dusseldorf / EUROWINGS / 2016

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Dusseldorf was impressed by the huge golden picture frames that the Eurowings promotional team had placed. Many passers-by then photographed everyday objects that they consider as art. The photos were then uploaded to the “art gallery” on the landing page and shared on social networks. The best works of art were broadcast live on info screens in subway stations and presented to the public.

Zurich Tourism and Eurowings agreed to promote the route from Dusseldorf to Zurich in Dusseldorf in 2016. The thematic focus was placed on the two highlights of the year in Zurich “100 years of Dadaism” and “Manifesta”, the world’s third largest Biennale for contemporary art. Eurowings offers the perfect connection with up to four flights a day. The selected marketing measures were intended to draw attention to Zurich as a city of art and generate flight bookings in the short and medium term range.


Picture frame:

A promotional team moved throughout Dusseldorf with a huge picture frame, placing it in front of everyday objects. Passers-by were asked whether they considered this to be art – and encouraged to participate in the photo competition by staging everyday objects themselves. The photos could be uploaded on the landing page and shared on social networks.


A six-meter-high paintbrush was placed in the water trench of Königsallee in Dusseldorf so that its tip dipped into the water. A button with an action message about the Zurich campaign was attached to the handle of the paintbrush.


Two spots were produced for the campaign. In the second week, the picture frame photo competition was linked to the spot circuit and three current photos by participants were integrated into the spot. Infoscreens in Dusseldorf subway stations that had been equipped with a live DOOH interface then displayed best photos.

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