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"It has to be HEINZ"

GRABARZ & PARTNER, Hamburg / HEINZ / 2023

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HEINZ Tomato Ketchup makes everything taste better. Each single drop of HEINZ contains the rich concentrated flavour of sun ripened tomatoes. A lot of people already know this, but as lots of competitors enter the market with different products, it stays always important to make clear what good ketchup really is about: Delicious tomato taste. And thus prove: It has to be HEINZ.

HEINZ not only grows special tasty tomatoes but also makes sure through every single step of the production process, that all the great taste of the tomatoes goes into the ketchup. Each single drop of HEINZ tastes like concentrated flavour of delicious tomatoes on a hot summer day. And even more – with 148g tomatoes in 100g of ketchup.

That’s why we decided to create a visual that shows that HEINZ tomato ketchup truly makes everything more delicious – even the tomatoes it is made of.


The billboards and posters were placed in places of high visibility for our target audience, also with the support of print ads and social media.

As the campaign has just been launched, it's early to predict the full impact it will have, but such impactful visual already aroused the curiosity of our audience in social media, leading to an increase in Google search for Heinz and social interactions.

But most of all, it strengthened the HEINZ brand even further, taking the concept to the next level and making clear there are no limits to HEINZ tomato ketchup when it comes to making everything better. Even the tomatoes it's made of.

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