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Case Film






Gripping and disturbing, the film is designed to remind us that the police often have to make extraordinary decisions in order to protect the public and themselves. Shown in one continuous single shot, the story follows two police officers as they attend a domestic disturbance. Things unexpectedly spiral out of control, presenting one of the police officers with a crucial life or death decision to make which leaves the audience with a cliffhanger. Commissioned by the Scottish police Federation to raise awareness of the challenges and decisions faced by ordinary police officers in the line of duty, the film challenges the audience by posing the question "What would you do…..?". The film is part of the #itswhatwedo campaign.


The Scottish Police Federation commissioned the production of three films to highlight the difficult decisions police officers can be faced with in the line of duty. After drawing up an initial quote, it quickly became apparent that the modest budget would only cover the production of one film, but undeterred we set about the gigantic task of producing the three films required by the client and were determined to bring the project in on budget.

After developing the scripts in house we recruited the director, whose style perfectly matched the dramatic realism we strived for. Working with a limited budget meant that we had to be very creative throughout the whole production process. By shooting pre-visualisations with the director and a workshop of student actors, we were able to create very specific briefs for casting and locations.

Shooting all three films in one continuous single shot presented numerous challenges in lighting, camera movement and screen direction but we felt this was essential to firmly plant the viewer in the shoes of the police officer and prevent the audience from escaping the moment. The fluid, handheld camera movement was designed to make the viewer feel part of the action but it was essential that it remained invisible as a mechanism so that it didn't distract the audience from the dramatic tension. Sound design also played a major role in the films and our team were very keen to avoid the sound effects library, recording original foley and FX.