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ITV CREATIVE, London / ITV / 2013

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ITV4 has an array of programming, from classic TV shows like Minder and The Sweeney, and cult films like Scarface, Robocop and Batman right through to amazing sports content like the Tour De France and the Europa League live. Inadvertently ITV4 had become a cult channel with its eclectic cult programming.

A channel for fans by fans. In producing a brand new identity for ITV4 we decided to feature the real fans from the British public within them. The idents would feature ‘ITV4 Ultimate Fans’ staring in spoof iconic scenes lifted from the digital channel’s cult output of sports, 70s series and classic films.

Executions include a movie fan walking away from an explosion without looking back, a

‘Professional’s fan racing a car at high speed through a wall of cardboard boxes and two Kung Fu movie fans get the opportunity to test their fighting prowess on stunt wires. It was ‘Crouching Crab’ vs. ‘Man Panther’!


Using Facebook, twitter and an on-air solicits we asked men and women to apply to star in our new TV idents. Applicants were asked to prove their devotion to the channel they love and after being inundated with applications we then set about travelling the great British Isles to meet these fans.

Casting real people was a very different experience to casting actors. We spoke to every single person that applied. It was important to us to find genuine fans of the programming rather than people who just wanted to appear on television and have their 15 minutes of fame.

The casting sessions took place over a 2-week period in London and Manchester where fans of the channel were met individually to be given the opportunity to tell us why they loved the channel.

Only a true ITV4 action movie fan can passionately talk about their love of the Steven Segal movie “Under Siege”. One of our most important criteria in the casting process was that the fan suited the ident genre.

For example one of our 12 idents needed to star 2 genuine Kung Fu movie fans in the Kung Fu genre ident. We filmed our idents over 5 days in Cape Town South Africa, flying out the entire cast.

It was a thoroughly refreshing experience working with real people. Even with the limitations we thought their genuine performances would really convey the tone of the channel. 30 members of the Great British public were selected from the fan base and invited to live out their ‘dream moments’ from the shows they love and in doing so give them a taste of the true movie experience.

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