IvyRevel Data Dress

MEDIAMONKS, Amsterdam / IVYREVEL / 2017

Case Film






Data has always been used to research fashion trends and inspire new collections but never to design the actual clothes themselves. Our aim was to change this by fusing fashion and data to create individuality.

Because to get a unique piece of clothing today you need to either buy a custom-made design piece or design it yourself, but that is generally not an affordable option and most people lack the design experience. So we decided to change this.


The data dress app uses Google’s Awareness API, and tracks different signals from your phone: time, location, place types (restaurant, etc), activity (walking, running, biking) and weather. It tracks this over a period of time of your choice, and then turns these signals into a unique, hyper-personalized dress design.

The Awareness API unifies 7 location and context signals in a single API, enabling us to gather data that is context-based with minimal impact on the smartphone’s battery. Combining these context signals with the Ivy brand allows us to create a hyper-personalised dress for each user.

Further, the app allows you to show even more of your lifestyles by generating personalized embellishments you can add to your dress based on types of places you visit.

At present the app is in BETA stage, awaiting further development.