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HAKUHODO INC., Tokyo / IYEMON / 2020

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Green tea has been a part of Japanese culture and spirit since the Edo period. Nevertheless, the color of bottled green tea in Japan often isn’t green, but actually fades to brown due to the application of heat during sterilization.

Companies have been trying to hide this brown imitation “green tea" by wrapping green labels around it. This is a far cry from the spirit of authenticity. (Authenticity, was translated from “omotenashi,” an important and nuanced Japanese concept with broad meaning, often translated as “hospitality.”

The same was true for Iyemon.

Iyemon had been languishing in the market for a long time and was on the verge of extinction.

It was imperative to get it out of the bottom.


Core Idea: " Iyemon Stripped ". The " Iyemon Stripped." This is the secret idea that Iyemon came up with. Using a unique manufacturing method, the new Iyemon achieved the beautiful, natural green color that is expected in Japanese green tea. We wanted people to experience that beautiful green color the moment they saw the bottle. The goal was to make that instant impression and to have them notice the overwhelming difference from the other green teas that had been hiding behind the labels.


The first thing we did was to make the bold move of selling the nude bottles at convenience stores nationwide. Of course, as a first in Japan. How could it not become a hot topic?


We asked Kishin Shinoyama, a master of nude photography who has been taking nude pictures of top actresses for half a century, to take nude pictures of bottles and publish them in newspaper advertisements. It created a stir.

People started peeling off the labels to see if their green tea was green or not. There were many people, both in real life and on social media, who peeled off the labels to demonstrate the test.

Needless to say, this method of selling without labels and encouraging people to take them off (before recycling) was eco-friendly and supported sustainability.


“From Last to First Place: The greatest comeback of the century”

The green color of real green tea and the environmentally friendliness of Iyemon Stripped struck a chord with Japanese consumers who love tea and value authenticity.

Sales were up 378% over the previous week's level, and at convenience stores, sales were 200% over the previous year's level over the course of about 6 months.

Iyemon, which had been at the bottom of the bottled green tea market, quickly jumped to number one*.

In addition, in supermarkets, Iyemon ranked first among ALL beverages, creating the "greatest comeback of the century.”

Real green tea from the land of omotenashi… Japanese authenticity.

* INTAGE SCI sugar-free tea beverage market January 2020-December 2020 share of the number.

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