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SEVEN, Moscow / PEPSICO / 2017

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Over the last 3 years the juice category has been declining (the sales of PepsiCo have dropped by 20%). One of the solutions was the introduction to the market of functional food products that could compensate negative consumer insights. J7 Tonus is a new beverage in the market, which is not simply juice, but a functional beverage, which partially reduces some of the contradictions related to the perception of juice as a not particularly healthy product. The objectives were as follows:

- getting the functional advantages of all the 4 product lines over to the consumer (via promotional staff in points of sale);

- stimulating bigger first purchases (no less than two different 1.45 liter SKUs or three 0.9-liter cartons);

- stimulating repeat purchase


We invented a mechanic that encouraged registration of receipts directly in the point of sales. The faster the participants of the action register the receipt, the bigger is the prize they can potentially receive. An action participant who purchases two J7 Tonus cartons of any volume and registers the receipt on the website receives the opportunity to win up to 24 000 rubles. The amount of the potential prize goes down every hour after the purchase and finally completely disappears 24 hours after.

This mechanic motivated participants to register the receipt on the website faster. Why has that worked that brilliantly?

Instead of the habitual static price promises we demonstrated the dynamics of the profit the buyer was losing. And nothing tonifies better than the fear to lose the money that one is already considering as his/her own…

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