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In a market with multiple off-road vehicles, Jeep wanted to build its equity by changing the regular ‘adventure travel’ narrative.

With 900 million-plus eligible voters, India’s general elections are by far the largest exercise of democracy in the world. But unfortunately, it was observed that there are many remote villages like Mhatekawadi, where people had never voted. The rough terrains, harsh conditions and lack of roads made travelling to the distant polling booths, unmanageable.

During the 2019 national elections, the makers of the world’s toughest off-road vehicles, Jeep, saw this opportunity.

With their cars having the capability to conquer tough Indian terrains, they decided to help people reach the polling booths and help them shape the country’s future.


During the 2019 Indian national elections, we realized that several people in the remote village of Mhatekawadi had never voted. This was because they were unable to reach the distant polling booths due to rough terrain and lack of roads. Being the world’s best off-road vehicle manufacturer, Jeep took the challenge to help them.

For the first ever, a car brand took its cars out of the showrooms to reach people in isolated locations and ferry them to the polling booth. Thus, helping shape the future of the nation.


Off-road vehicles are mostly associated with adventure travels. Jeep wanted to build its equity by changing the regular narrative.

With the national elections being the hot topic in the news, Jeep wished to use its capabilities to support citizens and the nation.

It was observed that there are many isolated villages whose people can’t vote due to the rough terrains and inaccessibility.

So, Jeep performed a never-done-before act. The car brand took its cars out of the showroom and ferried citizens in an isolate village to the polling booths.

With the act, the brand got noticed across the nations - in news channels, newspapers, online portals etc. A video about the act became an online sensation. But more importantly, the act earned a place in the hearts of ever Indian.


In 2019 Jeep used its off-roading capabilities to help people exercise their right to vote!


Jeep took its cars out of the showrooms and got them driven to the remote village of Mhatekawadi – where the only way to reach the nearest polling booth was a 10 kilometre walk through the country’s toughest terrains.

In a village where several had never voted, Jeep ferried them and made it possible many eligible voters to vote for the first time.


A video of the act was circulated online. Immediately, it gained coverage across the nation’s news channel and publications, becoming a national topic of discussion and pride.


The act and video sparked a movement. Stirring pride and patriotism, various Jeeper communities across the country came together and proactively drove their Jeeps to other isolate villages and helped fellow citizens shape the future of the country.


• Many eligible voters in the village of Mhatekawadi voted for the first time

• Over 800 kilometres covered with 11 hours of non-stop driving

• Special arrangements made for 5 octogenarians and nonagenarians who were unable to walk

• Privacy arrangements for 3 young mothers who were feeding their children

• Earned coverage in multiple leading media channels like:

Economic Times, Times Now, Daily Hunt, Little Black Book, CarToq, AdGully and more

• Several Jeep communities have pledged their support, taking the activity forward onto the upcoming Union and State elections

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