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Jet Bridges

J. WALTER THOMPSON, London / HSBC / 2016

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HSBC’s airport advertising is the most visible outdoor campaign in the world, reaching almost a billion people every year.

Airports represent the ideal space to reach the sort of ambitious audience that HSBC cares about. Not only that, it’s also an opportunity to capture people’s attention and imagination when they’re in that reflective mode that we all find ourselves in when flying; a rare chance to pause and think about we're going from and to, without the distractions of the world below.

The most recent campaign celebrates the power of human ambition to drive progress and make the world a better place. There are 24 executions, each exploring different themes of human ambition ranging from where ideas come from, to how visionaries see the world.

33 airports around the world

165m + business passengers

900m + total passengers a year

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