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John Malkovich’s Journey

SMUGGLER, Los Angeles / SQUARESPACE / 2017







Squarespace exists to help entrepreneurs. So we didn’t make ads about ourselves, we launched businesses. John Malkovich is making his next move in life from Actor to Fashion Designer. Instead of paying a celebrity for a fleeting ad campaign, we partnered with John Malkovich to launch his new business on Squarespace. The centre piece of content was ‘John’s Journey’ film. It launched at the start of a brand new year to inspire people to pursue their passions. Two Super Bowl commercials amplified our partnership on the world’s biggest stage, by simultaneously promoting to 130 million people.


‘John’s Journey’ film is the true-to-life, cinematic portrait of John Malkovich making his next move in life. As he transforms from Actor to Fashion Designer launching his menswear line in Paris. In John Malkovich’s own words: “I’m always the figure in someone else’s dream. I’d rather make my own figures and make my own dreams”. The film launched globally at the start of a brand new year, inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere to pursue their passions and ‘Make Your Next Move’ with Squarespace.

Created to earn media in the iconic fashion editorial and establish John as a designer. Then, two Super Bowl commercials amplified the partnership on the world’s biggest stage. Inspiring millions and giving them the platform to pursue their passions.


Your Next Move is the most successful entertainment initiative in Squarespace’s company history.

- Covered by 366 Publications worldwide it has been featured by the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Esquire, Late Night with Seth Meyers, ABC Good Morning America, CBS News and many more.

- Earning 3.15 billion media impressions.

- 50.4 million in earned media, covered by 366 publications globally.

- Most traffic to in 12 years.

- Generating the biggest revenue month in Squarespace’s history.

- Super Bowl biggest revenue day in company history until the record was broken again the following day.

- John Malkovich sold out his Fall and Winter collection.

- From one initial partnership, the platform launched over 100,000 new businesses.

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