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OMD, Sydney / JOHNSON & JOHNSON / 2011

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The “Tresillian Live Advice” application was designed to sit on a tab on the JOHNSON'S® Baby Facebook page, allowing fans of the page to access it easily and ask questions at any point. The chat function was designed as an instant messaging service, reasons for this were twofold; the familiarity would make the transition and uptake as smooth as possible; people would recognise this as a private tool so they could ask any one-on-one questions they required.

Outside of the JOHNSON'S® Baby Facebook environment we leveraged the top parenting sites in Australia to spread the news of the utility. We ran impactful ad formats against a highly targeted audience of new mums to encourage them to ‘Chat Now’. In addition to this we had multiple social media mentions via our partners Facebook page status updates; such as Essential Baby and Kidspot, maximising awareness and support from trusted brands.


JOHNSON'S® Baby’s Tresillian Live Advice reached 2 million people. The launch of the application facilitated 1700 parents with one-on-one chat in 2 months. The chat application was 8 times more efficient than previous methods. The utility was easy for mums to access through a site they visit frequently, it added 4,000 new members to the JOHNSON'S® Baby Facebook community, allowing us to push JOHNSON'S® Baby content to more new mums every day."I just used the live chat and had a quick and helpful response and am feeling much more relaxed – a great resource, thank you!"Facebook Mum

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