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OMD FUSE, Pyrmont / JOHNSON & JOHNSON / 2010

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Working with Channel 7 we defined the format of a parenting segment that was to become a mainstay of their new magazine show: New Idea TV. The Australian version of ‘Johnson’s Baby Diaries’ was born - a series of 3-minute TV segments that would be informative yet light-hearted, and would let us go to the emotional heart of being a mum.

Our unique approach within New Idea TV gave us reach across three platforms: firstly television, secondly print, with presence in the 2nd biggest weekly magazine in Australia, and thirdly online across Yahoo!7.

With a total of 6 months of programming, Monday to Friday, we set out to create over 5 hours of original television.

Importantly Johnson & Johnson retained the rights to use the content beyond our original broadcast deal, on and beyond.

With so much content and well-targeted media platforms, we were able to overcome all our challenges.


This campaign was a huge success for J&J. Not only did we retain all rights for the content, but we met our objectives and created a media property to overcome our challenges.Johnson’s Baby plays an essential role in mother baby bonding: 75% of mums agreed that Johnson’s Baby Diaries teaches them how to bond with their baby.

The brand increased its scientific credibility: 85% of mums agree Johnson’s Baby diaries is a credible source of information Reach was not sacrificed over engagement, with the campaign reaching 2.5 million mums across TV, print and online.New Idea TV was aired for two series in 2009 and grew women’s audience for that daytime slot.

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