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Recently, with the growing popularity of the HDR, people who watches the TV on real-time are becoming less. On the other hand, with the fast spreading SNS community, new style of TV viewing experience – sharing the viewing experience through internet- has newly begun.

In this project, we wanted to provide a new TV experience by adding the SNS element to the TV, create a new value to the real-time TV viewing, and wanted to produce a new entertainment for this new era of SNS.


To do a triple screen operation of TV broadcast, Data broadcast and Smart phone and to provide Japanese viewers a new type of entertainment which can only be experienced through real-time viewing.


The past movie episodes of the very popular Japanese animation “EVANGELION”has been re-broadcasted on TV before the release of its New Film’s cinema release. We have provided a triple screen interactive event during this re-broadcast which will allow users to join the event in real-time, and to expand and share the excitement and enthusiasm of the film release. We also made this event as a big visible movement and spread the topic in the social media.


Gained total user tapping number of 3 hundred million at the “Minna-de Yashima-Sakusen (Yashima-Operation with everyone)”, before and during the broadcast. Also achieved a total of 72,000 people to join the Evangelion’s famous line synchronization event during the 2-day broadcasting. The viewing rate of the 2 episodes during this event has exceeded from the previous broadcasting.

This project created a TV and Social communication joint event which the Evangelion fans and other viewers can join in real-time. On the questionnaire research which the Video Research Interactive Inc. has taken from the people who visited the theater to watch the new- released Evangelion film, one-fourth of the people answered as they have joined this “Movie Syncronizer”event. It also has become one of the successful case example of 02020 (On Air to On Line to Off Line).

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