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JOONE, Paris / JOONE / 2019

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Several filmmakers inspired us with their offbeat universe, and their innovative approach to storytelling, framing, editing, but also in their use of music:

- Wes Anderson with his refined and eclectic style

- Sam Mendes for his theatricality and his use of phantasmagorical sequences.

-The original music composition is based on a musical odyssey. The inspirations? Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat and Joe Hisaishi. Why? Because they manage to create perfect osmosis between image and sound to make grown-up children dream.


The idea was to create a different and fantastic universe for each character. We wanted to make the spectators feel the richness of these magical worlds. We have therefore chosen to diversify the styles of animations: stop motion, 2D, 3D.

The stop motion brought us a bit of realism. This technique allows spectators to feel this almost real world. The textured appearance of the models and puppets brings this world to life: you could almost touched them with our finger.

3D brought the freedom of execution that we didn't have with stop motion. 3D comes from a desire to have no technical constraints.

However, we wanted to remain visually consistent with the stop motion part. We therefore tried to create the most realistic texture possible to accompany our 3D. We have finally put 2D at the service of our backgrounds, thanks to the matte painting that unifies all this mixture.

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