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VISUALISE, London / SONY / 2015






Using cutting-edge 360 video and audio technology, members of the public are given the opportunity to experience the best seats in the house at a Kasabian gig. The new project is a collaboration between Visualise, O2, Columbia Records & Sony Music UK.

Thanks to the latest in virtual reality and 360 degree sound and vision technology, fans can experience what it’s like to be on stage with the Brit Award-winning band Kasabian.

Virtual reality specialists Visualise partnered with O2 and Sony Music to film the band at one of their December shows at O2 Academy Brixton. Three viewpoints were captured, giving fans the chance to ‘be’ on stage with the band as well as experience the gig from the press pit and amongst the crowd.

The result is an immersive 360 degree audio and video experience, getting fans closer to the band than ever before.

The online application has been built in HTLM5, allowing users to experience the content on their browser, mobile device or tablet. The gig is also available to view on Samsung Gear VR.


Currently virtual reality feels very much like trying to explain the internet before it launched. The possibilities are endless, however, perfectly predicting where it may go is impossible.

If done correctly, VR could change our entire future. Education will be able to put students at the heart of history, science, nature, and theatre. Research will develop more rapidly as scientists are able to explore further and in more detail than ever before. Film, television, and music will be able to make the viewer the star of the media instead of only watching it from a 2D screen.

Kasabian Live VR launched on the Kasabian website on February 2nd and has had 1.3mn viewers to date. The public are constantly looking for new content to digest, and VR is the way forward.

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