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PEPSICO, Moscow / PEPSICO / 2018

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School days are quite challenging for Russian kids nowadays. Every day they get loaded with an increasing amount of tasks. Mothers know that and are always on the lookout for various opportunities to embrace their children with care. Based on this insight, Chudo-detki decided to share with mothers one more creative way to send support to their kids at school. We relaunched our product adding a most important ingredient – Mother’s love. It came in the form of heart-shaped stickers on each pack. Inside, mothers could write inspiring messages for their little ones so that they read those at school and feel their mothers’ love.


Heart-shaped folding stickers were included into the new “Chudo Detki” packaging range. Inside, mothers could write warm caring words of support to their kids.

To support the campaign we launched:

• Digital: online contests for children on the "Chudo Detki" website;

• SMM: Viber sticker pack for moms and kids;

• ATL: announcing the TV campaign;

Altogether these activations formed a strong eco-system.


Target audience coverage:

-thousands of mothers got the opportunity to share their love, support and care with their children

- The Viber sticker pack was downloaded by 3,200,000 users. At the moment, it remains the most popular among other branded sticker packs in the world.

- The number of unique contacts in social media exceeded 2,500,000.

- More than 5,000 users took part in the online contest.

As for the commercial KPI:

• market value share in key categories increased (Drinkable Yogurts +9.2 pp YTD, Milk Cocktails +5.4 pp)

• consumption of brand products increased (+5.9 pp)

As for the image KPI:

• The brand became firmly established on the territory of school snacks (Brand for schoolers +6.3 pp)

• Indicators that characterize the perception of the "Chudo Detki" as the best reached planned and exceeded them (Unique brand +3 pp, My favorite brand of kids products + 3%).

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