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KHAITE Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

ROSE, New York / KHAITE / 2021

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Due to COVID-19, the fashion industry struggled to find ways to showcase their

latest collections — an integral part of the buying process for suppliers as well as a traditional touch point for consumers. Our goal was to give KHAITE an edge in breaking through the crowded online fashion landscape by providing their customers with an accessible way to interact with the brand and their new shoe line without ever having to leave home. With augmented reality, we were able to bring KHAITE’s footwear designs to the homes of their customers, buyers and the market giving customers a deep visual experience unlike any other fashion brand has been able to accomplish. This technology will become a cornerstone of how fashion powerhouses market their designs to their customers.


We decided to build a WebAR application for accessibility purposes and to take the burden off consumers. The WebAR experience is widely-supported, deeply interactive and highlights the unique details of KHAITE’s footwear designs in a way that offers endless creative freedom for the user. KHAITE shipped lookbooks that had QR codes embedded within the experience that when scanned take you to the AR experience. Using image recognition, users could scan images within the lookbook and see the respective shoe come to life in their own homes. This allowed customers to get a feel for the items without being able to see them in person. This experience allowed KHAITE to create a visual experience that otherwise would only exist inside one of their showrooms.


As the fashion world grapples with how to convert sales and stay afloat amid the pandemic, finding ways to integrate experiences with seamless shopping capabilities is now the only viable option. Within this experience, the sales were proof enough that this execution works for high-fashion labels. Fashion is a tactile and textured experience, and amid social distancing brands have hurdles to jump to create moving experiences for consumers. Companies are integrating new technology to bring fashion shows to people’s phones, computers, and inside their homes.


Using augmented reality we were able to bring KHAITE’s footwear designs into the homes of their customers and industry buyers. This experience was the first to use 8th Wall’s inline WebAR functionality, putting the experience directly into KHAITE’s existing website. Widely-supported and deeply interactive, the WebAR experience highlights the unique details of KHAITE’s footwear designs and offers endless creative freedom for the user to explore. Users have the freedom to scale, rotate, and walk around each shoe to examine the details. A small list of influencers and buyers received a printed lookbook that paired with the digital experience. Users that had the lookbook could place the augmented reality shoes by scanning images within the printed book, allowing the designs to come to life from 2D to 3D instantaneously. The campaign started in September 2020 and ran until January 2021 and lived on


For this experience built for KHAITE, sales increased by 400% and had an average session duration of 4 minutes. This Khaite experience was featured in Vogue, British Vogue, The New York Times, HuffPost UK, 8th Wall, ARPost, and Marketing Dive.

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