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Kiddy Co-Pilot

FCB, Kuala Lumpur / PEUGEOT / 2016

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As reported by the World Health Organisation in the "Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015”, Malaysia is ranked 28th in having the most road accidents out of 178 countries.

This is especially true during festive seasons in Malaysia. Despite being a happy time for families to head back to their hometowns to celebrate, it is also the most dangerous time.

Malaysian drivers brace themselves for the long journey ahead and often want to reach their destination fast. However, the heavy traffic makes them irritated and even more aggressive than usual leading to a spike in road accidents and fatalities, which has tripled over the last three years.


• Implementation: Mobile App

• Placement: Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore

• Scale: Small

• Brand relevance:

By tapping into an existing technology – GPS Satellite Location, Peugeot saw a potential in empowering children to change their parent’s driving behaviour. Because children in the back seat are often playing games on their devices, Peugeot created Kiddy Co-Pilot – a mobile app that gives children permission to be positive back-seat drivers.

The speed of the car being driven directly affects the mobile app in real-time. Real-time data is also used to determine the actual speed limit of the road being driven on. Points will start deducting in the game if the real car is being driven above the speed limit. The game also tracks movement as it can only be played in a moving car. Because there’s no better person to make parents slow down than those little back seat drivers.

• Touch points: Mobile/Digital

• Materials, style elements, design choices: NA

• Methods and process:

Kiddy Co-Pilot is a simple driving game that challenges kids to avoid crashing into vehicles to collect points. Using a GPS Satellite tracking system, the app tracks the speed and location of the car and even tracks real-time speed limits, much like satellite

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