Cannes Lions


MINDSHARE, Istanbul / VODAFONE / 2015

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Presentation Image
Case Film






We shot a silent video showing a woman holding cardboard that conveyed our message, in the fashion that abuse victims shared on the web.

Partnering with Kanyon’s administration, one of the most popular malls in Istanbul, we loaded the unit various information images that are also used on other display units within the structure.

With the face recognition feature, our video was triggered in presence of women that were alone. Just to be viewed by them, hidden from gaze of men.


Hurriyet Sosyal had 110,000 women visitors between 16th and 23th of March.

Our column was read by 90,000 of those visitors, reaching over 80%.

Average time spent on column was two minutes and forty seconds, 20% above the average visit duration.

Kirmizi Isik’s download numbers have been growing steadily at 500 on a daily average, totaling over 240,000 after the first year following release.

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